Nexus Solution Day 2007

Being invited as the guest speaker on “Nexus Solution Day 2007 – Maximize business opportunity Integrated with Professional Network Security Solutions on 26 November 2007 at Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok.   

In order to maintain the competitive advantages for our organization, we have high demand on various software and application from IT vendors to streamline our business and make our life go easier.  Therefore, IT often put their main focuses on the technology of software and applications in the past. 

Ironically, a lot of people overlook the importance on securing their network infrastructure.  A weal network infrastructure introduces security threats such as virus, Trojans and network attacks which bring in barriers and risks for the guarantee of business continuity.  Moreover, there is a huge concern on application stability if it’s running in a weak network infrastructure.  Therefore, secure network infrastructure is the base for your infrastructure, applications and your business productivities.