Junior Police Call Fight Crime Summer Camp 2006

It has been heard that the captioned summer camp will be held between 9th and 12th August 2006 this year and over 1200 JPC members will participate in this event. With Microsoft Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Information Security Group (HKISG) would like to participate in one of the game booths on 2006-08-11. The main objective is to build the awareness of cyber crime security and ethic amongst the youths.

In relating to the sponsorship, we would like to sponsor the design of gimmick in the opening ceremony on 2006-08-11 and contribute approximately 1,000 pieces of souvenirs, during the game play session on the same day. We hope that we can co-organize with the Junior Police Call section of Police Public Relations Branch for this activity and continue to contribute our effort to the society.