Workshop on “Web Application Security Best Practices”

This one-day workshop is designed to develop practical skills for web application developers and managers of web application projects.

Based around OWASP’s respected ‘Ten most critical web application security vulnerabilities’ and incorporating the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) requirements, you will understand the consequences of the most common web application security vulnerabilities and explore methods to protect against these vulnerabilities.  An overview of the types of vulnerabilities that your application will be exposed to will be presented.  Attendees will explore the most important vulnerabilities to gain a better understanding of the hacking methods used. Finally, you will be provided with the current best practices used to secure web applications allowing you apply these in your own organizations.

The course will contain critical, topical information that all web application developers must be familiar with such as the requirements for PCI compliance; including code-audits, encryption and the limitations of relying of application-layer firewalls